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Offshore outsourcing and its effects on U. S. economy

What are the positives and negatives that globalization brings to the U.S.A. and to other countries?

What impression do you have of multinational firms that have operations in multiple countries?

Do you see offshore outsourcing as a threat to the American economy or a means to reducing costs as a natural result of our global world?

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Is Offshore Outsourcing good for the U.S?

Offshore Outsourcing is good and bad for the U.S. Companies that outsource jobs overseas have managed to help their budget; the bottom-line margin. They have gained a great margin profit because of the cheap labor and low cost for services rendered. However, they have suffered in quality of service for example in the area of customer service. Some of the ...

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Over the past decade companies have operated business out of the United States. Companies have used offshore outsourcing as a means to cutting costs by using cheap labor overseas. This type of business practice is good for the companies but bad for U. S. economy since it too away jobs from Americans.