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    Global Organizational Dilemmas

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    Solving Global Organizational Dilemmas

    Discuss all three theories listed below understanding their usefulness in solving global organizational dilemmas: I need in 2 pages

    -Systems theory

    -Social network analysis

    -Organizational ecology

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    Global Organizational Dilemmas

    Systems theory

    The systems theory has great usefulness in solving global organizational dilemmas. The systems theory points out that the organizations have a structure, the parts of the whole are intrinsically connected. Consider a common global organizational dilemma. Whether to go in for offshore outsourcing where doubtful labor practices are in place? Otherwise, the firm may lose its competitive position. If the systems theory is to be applied to this dilemma, it would mean a realization that global systems are interconnected and are part of the whole so if depreciable labor practices are promoted n any part of the world it would be better to avoid such outsourcing. Further, the systems theory points out that systems often exchange energy and matter far beyond their defined boundaries. So, if harmful labor practices are carried out in any part of the world there will be negative ...

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