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Ethical Dilemmas in Organizational Development

Briefly explain these three ethical dilemmas

-Misuse of Data
-Promising unrealistic outcomes

From these, select any one ethical dilemma. Consider you are the leader of an organization. Explain how you would ensure that an OD professional you hired would remain uninvolved in the selected ethical dilemma. Provide suitable rationale to support your answer. Make recommendations and support your insights and comments with citations from research.

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According to Robbins and Coulter (2003), organizational development involves various types of change within an organization. However, the emphasis is more on changing people, including the nature of interpersonal work relationships through the implementation of various programs and techniques.

Although the intention of the organization may be noble, there is the tendency of people to resist change. Aside from the feeling that the change could adversely affect them, they have the feeling that there are ethical issues involved.

Ethical dilemmas

1. Misuse of Data
A good management decision is made through the appropriate use of information. This information is the result of adequate, valid, and reliable data. Hence, data that is correctly analyzed and interpreted would bring about ...

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