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    Designing an Ethics Program for a New Company

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    An outline would be great help for designing an ethics program for a new company. Thanks a lot.

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    Code of Ethics: XXXX
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    Company Code of Conduct

    I. Introduction: provide an introduction of the company, and the aspirations of the ethical code of conduct training program and its results. In addition, provide an explanation of this paper, i.e. this paper will discuss and examine a new ethical code of conduct policy for XYZ in the company.
    II. Code of Ethics Purpose: provide a brief explanation for the purpose of the ethical code of conduct, i.e. our company seeks to differentiate itself from our competitors by providing unmatched customer service while maintaining a completely ethical business environment.
    III. Strategic Planning: Provide a brief explanation of strategic planning, i.e. strategic planning is the primary duty of organizational leadership, and will chart the course of the organization into the future (Barney, 2007).
    A. Strategic vision: The strategic vision is a current statement regarding a future condition of the organization (Jones, 2010), i.e. our company will have XYZ market share due to our outstanding customer service and ethical business practices.
    B. Mission statement: The mission statement must correspond to the current condition of the organization and its business practices (Jones, 2010), i.e. at XYZ we provide our clients with outstanding product selection customer service, and competitive prices. ...

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    Equipping a new/any company with a code of ethical conduct is critical to its survival. This comprehensive outline establishes all of the elements that are required for implementation of a code of ethical conduct within a new/any company. This solution contains several in-text citations and references.