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    Desiging an Employee Compensation and Benefits Package

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    1. Choose the type of organization for which you are designing an employee compensation and benefits package.
    2. Develop an employee compensation and benefits package for this new position. Support your ideas for the compensation/benefits package.
    3. Include a minimum of 3 references.

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    Step 1
    The type of organization for which I am designing the package is a retail discount store with chains in several parts of the world. The new position in this organization is that of an IT project manager. He will be responsible for all IT project plans, goals, and budgets. He will coordinate the work of other IT professionals in the company to produce new systems of software. He will be responsible for seeing IT projects through from inception to completion. He will be responsible for meeting the chain's full needs. The organization is an international chain of convenience stores. The company sells a number of branded products and private labels. It has to keep close coordination with its suppliers through the internet and also sell products through its website. The chain has also commenced making deliveries to customers based on orders received from the website of the organization. In addition there are several functions in the company such as inventory, finance, and warehousing that are fully ...

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