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    Factors that has had a significant impact on business&management

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    The purpose of this short research paper is to ensure proper understanding and application of APA style as required in all Ashford courses.

    Using the Ashford Online Library, develop an annotated bibliography on one of the following factors that has had a significant impact on business and management communication in the past decade:

    globalization and outsourcing
    pace of life and work
    evolving workplace technologies
    influence of social media
    ethical challenges

    Your annotated bibliography requires at least six (6) peer-reviewed articles, full reference information, and a short paragraph description of the main findings.

    To receive maximum points, all of the following elements must be included in your paper:

    The paper

    Must be two to three double-spaced pages in length (not including the title), and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
    Must include a title page with the following:
    Title of paper
    Student's name
    Course name and number
    Instructor's name
    Date submitted
    Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought.
    Must use at least six scholarly sources from the Ashford Online Library. One of the six sources may be the text.
    Must include at least one direct quote from one of the sources (see Guidelines for Quoting Sources).
    Must include at least one summarized statement from one of the sources (see Guidelines for Summarizing Sources).

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    The response addresses the query posted in 1526 words with APA References

    // Globalization and outsourcing are the two common words that are bringing change every day into the world in the field of communication, transport and logistics development. Due to the increased level of globalization, multinational companies are facing difficulties in reducing the cost such that their profit margin does not get compromised. In the following section, various journal articles are reviewed and evaluated critically to provide the overview in the form of bibliography.//

    Bulajic, A., & Domazet, D. (2012). Globalization and Outsourcing and Off Shoring. Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences, 3(9), 1321-1328.

    This journal was written by Aleksandar Bulajic and Dragan Domazet on the topic "Globalization and Outsourcing and Off Shoring" that describes the offshore outsourcing practice that became popular in both developed and undeveloped countries due to which unemployment increased in the IT sector. This journal briefly discusses the changes brought by globalization and outsourcing, as well as their positive and negative aspects. The journal article represents that high-tech jobs or skill-related jobs in Nordic countries such as Denmark are examined carefully through statistical data so as to evaluate the answer to the question that who is deeply interested in outsourcing and globalization. It has covered topics explaining the concept of globalization, outsourcing, reasons for outsourcing, companies that follow the practice of outsourcing, and outsourcing in Denmark. This piece of work is significant for those people who are trying to expand their businesses and hence, searching for new options to increase the productivity in the business. The journal has critically examined all the points dealing with outsourcing and globalization and consists of rich content.

    Edwin, A., & Okpara, A. (2015). Strategic review of the impact of globalization on the sustainability of communities and business organizations. International Journal of Business and Management Invention, 4(4), 55-62.

    This journal article was written by Agwu Edwin and Atuma Okpara, which deals with the strategic review of the impact of globalization on the sustainability of communities and business organizations. It describes that the advancements have taken place in the technology due to which the world is connected in such a way that business organizations are facing tough competition due to globalization and outsourcing. The journal creatively highlights the fact that in the past decade, traders used to trade only in the local and domestic markets to survive in the world. However, now the same trader is exploring new opportunities beyond the domestic markets at the international level. It has ...

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    The factors that had a significant impact on business and management is examined. The response addresses the query posted in 1526 words with APA References.