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    Boeing: Management Analysis

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    Boeing Management Analysis

    I need to evaluate the planning function of management within Boeing.

    I need to identify one legal, ethical, and social responsibility issue that impacts Boeing.

    Analyze the impact that these factors have on management planning.

    Analyze at least three factors that influence Boeing's strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning.

    Be sure to give me at least 2 references or web cites.

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    // Management Analysis of the aircraft producer Boeing involves identifying various factors that affect the Company. It involves examining various functions of the Company's planning. In order to begin with such analysis; we have to start with a short introduction about the Company.//

    Boeing: Management Analysis

    Boeing is the largest producer of commercial jets and aircrafts used for military purposes. At present, the company is a dominant player in the airline industry. It also produces electronic & defense systems, satellites and modern information systems (The Boeing Company, 2008).

    // After the introduction, we would now discuss the planning function of Management of Boeing. Here we would cover various factors which are involved in the planning aspect of the Firm. //

    Planning function of Management

    The structure of management at Boeing includes a massive aerospace and defense corporation. The business model of the company lays tremendous emphasis on the introduction of innovative practices. One of the best illustrations of the company's innovative management practice can be observed in the form of jumbo jets and their components. Such an approach has enabled Boeing to facilitate a range of supplementary inventions (The Boeing Company, ...

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