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    Boeing- Business Strategy

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    I need someone help me to answer this four question:
    1. Analyze Boeing and its business strategy using the value chain and competitive forces models.

    2. What is the relationship of knowledge management to Boeing's business strategy? How is Boeing using knowledge management system to execute its business model and business strategy?

    3. Evaluate Boeing's new business strategy. what management, organization, and technology issues will Boeing face as it attempt to implement the strategy? what role will knowledge management play in this strategy? how successful will Boeing be in pursuing that strategy?

    4. Using the facts presented in this case, what role has knowledge management played in Airbus's business strategy and business performance?

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    //Before defining the various business strategies, it is essential to explain the Organization and its related field. Here, it should be remembered that the Business Strategy, Value Chain Analysis and Competitive Analysis of the firm is completely different from each other. //


    Boeing is the largest producer of commercial jets and military airplanes. It also designs electronic defense systems, missiles, satellites and modern information and communication systems.

    1. Business strategy: The Company is developing solutions for cost effective exploitation of their aircrafts providing fuel efficiencies and rapid reconfiguration of seating layouts to optimize the ratio of seat occupancy for passenger class.

    Value-Chain Analysis: It becomes essential for the management of the company to maintain world class Information Technology to meet the deadlines. Similarly, it needs to be in regular contact with its major suppliers. In addition, a well framed CAD/CAM technology is also required for the rapid product development and manufacturing cycles. As a result of this, the speed of transforming the concepts in production is increased to a great extent (Mishra. & Puri, 2007). For this purpose, the company has chosen a French CAD tool known as Catia, developed by Dassault (a military aircraft manufacturer). Hence, modern IT tools and their application are critical in both design and development to Boeing's success in implementing the competitive strategy (Kazmi, 2002).

    //Above we have discussed about the business strategy and value chain analysis of the company. Now, as per the requirement of the assignment, we will discuss about the porter's five forces model to analyze the competitive situation of the Company. //

    Porter's Five Forces Model

    ? The Bargaining Power of Buyers- The buyers and suppliers are also assuming ...

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