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    Management Planning for Boeing

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    I need help finding information about Management Planning for Boeing.

    I need to be able to evaluate Boeing's planning function of management, to analyze impact of legal issues, ethics, and corporate social responsibility on management planning, and to analyze three factors that influence company''s strategic, tactical, operational and contingency planning.


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    1. I need help finding information about Management Planning for Boeing.

    I located a wealth of information that should get you started. I attached three informative resources, two articles discussing the management at Boeing, and the other resource is the ethical and legal code at Boeing. I also gathered information from the Boeing website that you might also consider.


    Management at Boeing

    Boeing is best known as a commercial aircraft manufacturer but the Boeing management structure encompasses a huge aerospace and defence corporation. Innovation is an important part of the Boeing business model. The company's jumbo jets are marvels of Boeing innovation management and their components and manufacture have also led to many contributory inventions. Technology also plays a key role in Boeing strategy and Bill Gates has in the past praised the organisation for its use of IT. However, there are some notable examples of problems with Boeing management planning. For instance, Boeing found it very difficult to keep up with demand for airline orders at the end of the 1990s, as salesmen had overloaded the system (excerpted from http://www.thinkingmanagers.com/companies/boeing.php).

    The following overview is for one of the article attached, which would be helpful to read now, as it could be used as an outline for your paper (Boeing Management Plannin1.docx) and the rest of the information can fit into this outline.

    Overview: This paper will discuss management's business planning at Boeing. Boeing is an aerospace company, a leading maker of commercial airplanes, military aircraft, satellites, and missiles. Business planning at Boeing is a very complicated process because it is influenced by internal and external factors that would involve legal ethical issues, and corporate social responsibility. Factors such as economic conditions, laws, and competition directly influence the strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning. Boeing has been able to maintain success for many years due to their strong ethics and planning abilities. (See http://jobfunctions.bnet.com/abstract.aspx?docid=382753, attached for convenience - attached as: Boeing Management Plannin1.docx).


    From Boeing website:


    1. Corporate citizenship:

    We have one simple objective at Boeing: to make the world a better place.

    "I'm inspired every day, foremost, by our people, but also our products and our passion to do things that others can only dream of and to make the world better tomorrow than it is today." -- Chairman, President and CEO Jim McNerney
    While our intention at The Boeing Company is to lead the aerospace industry into the next century, the same way we have done for the first 100 years, we know that what we do at Boeing has a global impact. We recognize that our pursuit of that vision has significant impact on the communities where we live and work.

    The sum total of our actions demonstrates our long-standing values and tells the story of our company to the world around us. Our story is evolving as we interact with our global customers, employees, consumers, communities, suppliers, shareholders and partners. But our objective to provide solutions designed by these interactions and through the ingenuity that is our brand (innovation, quality and forward thinking) is as old as our company. Good corporate citizenship has always been a part of our values - our DNA.

    The simple description of a corporation implies three ...

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