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Social Responsibility & Environmental Factors to Ethics

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1. What environment factors would impact strategic decision making in large versus small multinational companies?

2. How can managers determine the appropriate level of social responsibility for their particular firms?

3. What impact has e-commerce had on the determination of ethics within a corporate culture?

4. Recommend a set of best ethical practices that a small electronics firm can apply in order to compete successfully in the global arena?

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External environment analysis

This covers the general and task forces. It is a process in which managers of the organization scans external information that is continuously affecting the organization. Accumulated information covers the general forces such as: government, the socioeconomic factors, technology, and societal forces. It also deals with task forces such as: competition, consumers, suppliers, insurance, banks, non-government organizations, etc. The forces, being general or task, will exert changes that will present opportunities or threats to the organization. Managers, then, have the responsibility to understand the potential impact of these and respond competitively with a relevant strategy.

Internal environment analysis

Represents the capabilities of the organization; internal ...

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Almost 450 words give a set of ethical practices for a small electronics firm, keeping the impact of e-commerce in mind. Word document attached.