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    Incorporating economic realities and ethical decision making

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    Often unforeseen problems; such as the tragic Gulf Oil Spill, intensify the need to understand ethics which incorporate economic realities. Knowing important aspects of change and having an inclusiveâ?"more whole- ethical stance will support your staff while empowering you as a leader.

    What should be done to improve planning to include external factors, such as the environment of that business strategy, for what's ethical or not?

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    The first issue that comes to mind is corporate social responsibility (CSR), which plays an important role in the decision-making process, especially when the outcome will have an effect, whether adverse or positive, on the environment. Ethics and CSR are co-joined. A statement: "We have always known that needless self-interest was bad morals, we know now it is bad business" -Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1937) echoes exactly what needs to be extinguished. Employing CSR means that certain things should take place at the management level:

    1.) Competent managers should be demanded
    2.) Societal values need be upheld
    3.) Corporate social ...

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    This solution is an analysis of how corporate social responsibility is inclusive of ethical decision making