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Organizational Communication and Integrated Perspectives

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Since we all play a part in creating the "shared realities" of our organizations, what ethical responsibilities should we recognize and assume?

What are the communication implications of the use of integrated perspectives in an organization?

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Zalabak, P. (2006) has discussed that in the human communication process, individuals are constructing their 'shared realities'. Both parties serve as sources and receivers of messages being exchanged. They all engage in the encoding and decoding of these messages and in they decide how to transmit them verbally or nonverbally. Both of them share their set of experiences and both can view their interactions differently as their messages and channel of communication might be distorted by noise or other factors. The effect of the communication between the parties is a result of the complicated interaction of not only the communicators but also of the other elements used in the process.

The human communication process is an attempt of how people construct their shared realities so that they can create shared meanings. It is very important that we try our best to make others understand what we want to convey by learning not only from our own perspective but also the viewpoint of the person/s we are sending the messages. Human communication is always changing and is dynamic process. It is influenced by culture and context as well as the competencies of the parties sharing the information. Since this is a process of shared meanings, it can also be used to manipulate, control or deceit others. People have the responsibility to share messages that are based on their honest and complete knowledge and experience and not communicate with the intention to deceive people. Individuals should communicate information in such a way that the meaning that is being constructed to others are related ...

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This solution discusses human communication process, shared realities, and ethical responsibilities. It also delves into integrated perspectives, its approaches, and its communication implications in organizations. Finally, the process and environmental approaches are enumerated and described. The solution provides 817 words and 5 references.

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