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inkages between strategy and technology

What is the linkages between strategy and technology?

What forces influence and characterize culture?

Explain the causes, nature and problems of globalization?

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What is the linkages between strategy and technology?

Technology strategy is the task of building, maintaining and exploiting a company's technological assets. The linkage of corporate business strategy and technology strategy plays an important role in firms' success. Technology forecasting, technology assessment and product planning are integrated by road-mapping. Integrated technology road-mapping provides a practical instrument for middle- and long-range technology development and corporate business strategy formulation by aligning internal and external resources and social marketing factors.

Technology roadmaps help you to identify new business opportunities, validate internal knowledge and communicate ideas, improve your technology portfolio decisions, and develop effective technology strategy. Road-mapping leads to portfolio development, which provides for division-level project evaluation, as well as company-wide technology assessment. The best companies maintain roadmaps that define the next technologies they will pursue ...

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The linkages between strategy and technology is examined. The causes, natures and problems of globalization are determined.