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Business Strategy & SISP

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Reading: E-Business Strategy: How to Benefit From a Hype

What insights do traditional business strategy analyses offer to an Information Technology or Information Systems professional?
• How might these analyses promote or empower effective SISP?
• Are there shortcomings to these strategies? For example, what intrinsic Information Technology realities might transcend the limitations of these analyses?
• How might you apply the model developed in the article to your organization or an organization with which you are familiar?

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Traditional Business Strategy Analysis:
Traditional business strategy analysis offers several things to an Information Technology or Information Systems Professional. It offers him the influence of the organization's environment on the company using the Five Forces analysis. Traditional business strategy analysis offers him a view of the present state of the business through a SWOT analysis. It helps him formulate and develop a vision for the company. The Traditional business strategy analysis helps the Information Technology or Information Systems Professional formulate an e-business strategy for his business.

Empower effective SISP:
These analysis help empower effective SISP through helping the Information Technology or Information Systems Professional understand the competitive forces, business environment, and the capabilities of the business. The traditional analysis empowers effective SISP by ensuring that firm's information system's investment is aligned with the overall business strategy, ...

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