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    Information Technology Integrating Business Strategy

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    1.what are your thoughts about emerging markets and traditional models, do you believe that companies should be changing their operating models in order to be successful? How should companies focus on SISP and what other tools that they should use to help identify the best solutions, based on the generic steps

    2.what are some of the things that a SWOT analysis provides that you believe that all companies should focus on regardless?

    3.discussing how companies need to combine analyses together to really determine how information systems can help them achieve strategic goals. Using the value chain analysis coupled with the SWOT can indeed help companies determine how technology can play a role in improving processes, manufacturing of products, etc. Using combined analyses can help tie together company needs for IS and also determine where companies can bring value to customers.

    So, my question=i how do you use these analyses together to figure out the best approach of leveraging technology?

    Please provide reference

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    Step 1
    Emerging markets have their own business and marketing environment which is different and requires a unique strategic approach. Traditional models are appropriate starting points for gathering information. They are not adequate for successfully competing in emerging markets. Companies should change their operating models to incorporate information systems in their model. Companies should focus on SISP and other information technology based planning and collaboration tools to identify the best solutions in emerging markets.
    The SWOT analysis provides information for strategic planning, gives strategies for ...

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    This posting gives you a step-by-step explanation of integrating business strategy and information technology . The response also contains the sources used.