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    E-Business and Supply Chain Automation

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    How can Internet-based technologies be used to automate the supply chain?

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    1. How can Internet-based technologies be used to automate the supply chain?

    Up to now, the key technology for implementing automated supply chains has been EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). This is however a highly expensive technology to set up and maintain. Another technology for creating loosely coupled systems is CORBA, which despite its many advantages, is almost synonymous with costly systems development. And, of course, up until recently, these systems needed to run over private networks, expensive to set up and maintain. Naturally, all these technologies required experts, who meant that automation and integration was expensive. http://www.infoloom.com/gcaconfs/WEB/paris2000/S10-04.HTM

    a. XML is emerging as a key enabling technology for the purpose of automating the supply chain

    There is a strong business case for integrating suppliers, customers and partners into a seamless supply chain (e.g., meta driven systems). For example, El Smith - has focused his technical career on integrating database/XML technology with Internet networking. He has worked as a software developer and systems administrator to develop information systems using C++, Java, SQL, TCP/IP and of course, XML, and has consulted for Ford, Fiat, GM, Opel, ...

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