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    Identify three performance-monitoring tools for e-business supply chains, and compare and contrast each tool for the consumer electronics industry

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    //In this paper, a discussion about e-business is made. Role of e-business in the supply chain management is also discussed along with e-business. Discussion is also made about the tools used for performance monitoring e-business supply chain and these tools are compared with consumer-electronics industry //

    E-business can be defined as the use of internet applications for performing business transactions. E-business enables to make effective usage and exchange of information and communication technologies to support business processes and activities of business organization. It has been noticed most of functions in the supply chain management framework are performed through internet. Functions of supply chain management are automated with the help of e-business technologies and processes.

    Automation of supply chain management also improves the speed of completing the job or functions. Thus, e-business plays an important role in the integration of supply chain management (Kalakota, 2004). E-business creates significant impact on supply chain management. Information about the products is readily available to the business organizations, which enable them to negotiate the prices, as per their terms and conditions. E-business is used by business organizations for placing, receiving ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 728 words with references.