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    Evaluate the IT status of the business

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    O Identify three business problems that you see at Club IT.

    o Evaluate Club IT's resources, customers, and supply chain.

    o Provide three detailed IT solutions to resolve the three problems.

    o Incorporate enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and supply chain management (SCM) software into your solutions.

    o Discuss how the various departments within Club IT may use your solutions.

    Club IT, Part Two
    Over the last few months of your internship at Club IT, you have learned much about the nightclub business and have discovered opportunities for Club IT to improve its information technology capabilities. Ruben and Lisa have asked you to meet with them next week to provide an assessment of their current information systems and a recommendation for upgrading and improving their information management capabilities. You have some definite ideas on how IT could be improved at Club IT, and you also realize it takes thorough analysis and planning to be successful.
    You have interviewed Ruben and the rest of the staff at Club IT and have compiled the following notes:
    ? Club IT's customers are mostly net generation and millennials. They regularly use mobile technologies such as Blackberrys, PDAs, camera phones, and other wireless communication devices. Online shopping is a regular part of their lives.
    ? Few nightclubs have taken advantage of various e-commerce activities, and Ruben sees this as an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in dealing with suppliers and guests. Ruben asks you to identify some new e-commerce technologies and applications to help build Club IT's clientele and community, and to make their business processes more efficient.
    ? Currently, Club IT sells advance tickets to its special Friday and Saturday night concerts by phone or in person. Ruben wants to set up a Web site to sell tickets, so guests may have unlimited self-service access.
    ? Opportunities exist for streamlining the ordering process through B2B ecommerce. Sysco, for example, is a major restaurant supplier in North America, which has an extensive Web site (http://www.sysco.com/customer/order_entry.asp) with many online products and services for small and large food and beverage operations.
    Using the information you have gathered from your review of the Club IT Web site and interviews with Ruben and the staff, evaluate the IT status of the business.

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    Evaluation of the IT Status at Club IT

    Business Problems at Club IT
    Club IT, is a downtown music venue, which is managed by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada (About Club IT, n.d.). It is doing well along with its mission and vision but still it is lacking at some part of its business operations, due to which the company had confronted a number of business problems which are as follows:
    ? The company's information management systems are lacking at their part as in present every company is operating with the advanced information systems and due to this company is confronting a number of business problems. Club IT requires a number of latest information systems for managing its information resources.
    ? Another area where the company is confronting business problem is lack of information technology capability, which is essential for effective management of information resources.
    ? Another area where the company is confronting severe business problems is its dealing with its suppliers and guests. For dealing with its suppliers and guests company make use of phones or personal approach, which sometimes become difficult to be managed.
    Club IT Resources, Customers and Supply Chain
    The prominent resource of Club IT, which is a downtown music venue, is its own human resources. Club IT is managed and owned by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada. ...

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