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    Oticon for Integrating Information Technology into the Office

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    "Is Oticon a good model for effectively integrating information technology into the office? Why? Please provide specific examples of effective integration of IT within the company"

    Mary Colette Wallace (2000) Complexity of New Office Designs: Thinking Through Your Future Workplace. Searcher 8(10) http://www.infotoday.com/searcher/nov00/wallace.htm

    An interesting case of the interaction of information technology and structure is provided by Oticon Corp., a Danish-owned company specializing in hearing aids and other related devices, that has been one of the "poster children" for information technology-driven change. They have been written up in many places. One reasonably complete and largely non-technical report on this effort is:

    Lagace, M. (2003). Stuck in Gear: Why Managers Don't Act. Harvard Business School - Working Knowledge For Business leaders - Research & Ideas, http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/3501.html.

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    As they say, there are few things certain in life - death, taxes and change. Change, is perhaps, the one major factor that dictates whether as business entity, regardless of how successful it is now, will still be around a decade, two decades or a century from now. Specifically, how well that entity and its management adopt with the changes in its dynamic environment will shape that organization's competitive edge. Its competitive edge dictates whether it stands out or becomes obsolete in the market place. Thus, it is important for management not to rest easy on their company's successes (Lagace, 2003), but rather continually look for ways to be ahead.

    Fortunately, staying ahead in this era is much easier in that accessible information and computer technologies which can be integrated with the rest of an organization's resources to ensure that its business processes and ...

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