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Procurement & Supply Chain IT integration

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Integration of Technology

Technology has changed the way we conduct business on a daily basis. A number of organizations have opted for integrating systems and sharing information with their counterparts.
Using the Internet, research information technology (IT) systems for supply chains.
Then respond to the following:

As a manager, if you have to design an IT system for supply chain purposes using a cross-functional team, who would you include on your team and why?
Explain some of the trade-offs you would consider when designing/acquiring the system. Be specific and support your reasoning with examples.

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As a manager of Supply Chain wanting to integrate the IT systems, I would consider the integration with the following cross-functional teams:
- Procurement - integration would allow for a clear line of sight into the negotiated terms and conditions, penalties and rewards, lead times for product ordering, as well as the locked pricing and related provisions.
- Reverse Logistics - integration with RL will allow for alignment ...

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This 200 word document outlines the cross functional team that Supply Chain would need to consider integrating IT systems with.