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    Kudler Fine Foods and Business Technology Management (BTM)

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    Evaluate Kudler Fine Foods from a business technology management (BTM) perspective of the website option.

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    Better technology management (BTM) seeks to improve different dimensions which include infrastructure, quality of business practice, efficiency, effectiveness, organization, information, and technology (Business Technology Management, n.d). These dimensions can be grouped into four different types of organizational capabilities which include governance and organization, managing technology investments, strategy and planning, and strategic enterprise architecture (Business Technology Management, n.d.).
    Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) would benefit greatly in these practices when it relates to launching a newer updated Internet site. In focusing on KFF's commitment to these dimensions they must understand their current technology investments and its capabilities. KFF will need to find the right design ...

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    This is a detailed evaluation of business technology management (BTM) and the perspective of a website option.