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Environmental Scan & Strategic Plan for Kudler Fine Foods

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Begin creating the strategic plan for Kudler Fine Foods. Based on the environmental scan you performed previously, perform the following:

· Identify basic IT objectives.
· Identify strategic plan options.
· Evaluate each option in terms of how well it aligns with current business objectives

Write a draft of the initial part of the strategic plan including a revised organizational mission, vision, and values statement. What objective is Kudler Fine Foods hoping to accomplish with this new direction? What technologies could be implemented to help accomplish this new direction? The focus in this draft must be on aligning grand and generic business strategy with mission and values.

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From your post it sounds as if you have to rewrite Kudler's mission, vision and values statement based on a more IT focused strategy. You must also recommend new technologies that could go along with your new statements for Kudler. Take it from me you will have to rewrite Kudler's mission, vision and values statements several times so remember what you come up with for this paper because you can use your ideas for your future courses using this company.

I am not sure what direction you are going in for your paper, and although I am familiar with Kudler Fine Foods from my own MBA/PA work I cannot write your statements for you. What I can do is give you some pointers to use for completing your paper. You should ...

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