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    Kudler environmental scan

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    With references from textbooks (listed below) or peer reviewed journals, perform an environmental scan of the Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization.

    Summary of Kudler's internal and external environments

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    We start the environmental scan of Kudler Fine Foods with the internal factors. The first factor we consider is suppliers. For Kudler Fine Foods, it has to keep close contact with its suppliers of meat and seafood products. It has to maintain close co-ordination with the suppliers of beef, poultry, land, sausages, and local sea-food. Otherwise it will suffer from either stock outs or large, unacceptable inventories (1). Similarly, Kudler Fine Foods must coordinate with produce suppliers only then it can have fresh fruit. It must also source its herbs and spices from foreign suppliers so that it can offer these to its customers. For dairy products, it must coordinate with diary product suppliers organic milk suppliers. From the perspective of competition, the suppliers of Kudler Fine Foods wield great power. Similarly, Kudler Fine Foods needs to coordinate with several suppliers to bring a wide collection of spirits. Because of the three stores, Kudler Fine Foods may get some bargaining power with suppliers; however, this is likely to be limited.

    The second factor of internal analysis is the shareholder. In this case the owner, namely Kathy Kudler is the shareholder. She has provided not merely the funds but also the initiative required to open gourmet stores. She has shown initiative by ...

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