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    Kudler Fine Foods Service

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    Draft a strategic plan, including a revised organizational mission, vision, and values statements for Kudler Fine Foods.

    o Implementation Plan: Create a WBS and Gantt chart for the new strategy including objectives, functional tactics, action items, milestones, tasks, resource allocation, and deadlines.
    o Key success factors for the plan implementation, as well as cash budget and forecasted financials in your analysis
    o Risk management plan, including contingency plans for identified risks

    Include the following:

    o Executive summary

    o Company background

    o Environmental scan

    o In addition, analyze the key success factors for plan implementation. Include cash budget for the implementation plan and forecasted financials for Kudler.

    Prepare a cover letter to your boss at Kudler Fine Foods, concerning your plan and thoughts on strategic planning. Reflect on how Kudler may incorporate strategic thinking in keeping the plan current.

    4539 words with references.

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 4539 words with references.

    //The given paper is based on the strategic plan in concern to Kudler Fine Foods. In this part, we will initially discuss in general about topics will discuss in the entire paper. This part enhances your knowledge about topics that will be included in references to the company.//


    The given paper is based on Kudler Fine Foods that are highly far-famed specialty food store in California. In concern to the company, the paper includes strategic plan including mission, vision and value statements. Additionally, this plan also includes implementation plan, risk management plan and key success factors. To assess the impact of external environment factors, operating environment of the company is monitored through environment scanning. Further, in the same concern, it also includes cash budgets and forecasted financials to assess the effectiveness of strategic plan. In addition to this, it also gives an in-depth knowledge about plan and thoughts on strategic planning.

    // As per the directions in this section, we will discuss about the strategic plan including vision, mission and value statements. You are free to add more in this part that you find suitable.//

    Strategic Plan: Mission, Vision and Value Statement

    Mission: A mission reflects company's main purpose of existence and also supports in moving the company towards its predefined goals and concern about future plans. Kulder Fine Foods mission is to furnish high quality upscale specialty products to its customers. Through this, Kudler Fine Foods will easily promote customer satisfaction and ultimately, build up the market image. Additionally, it is to be committed to offer fresh foodstuffs and other products with the motive to keep its customers healthy and fit. Through serving good quality products at premium price, Kulder Fine Foods mission is to maintain good relationship with current and prospective customers. Overall, its mission is to sustain good market share with prospective growth the in near future. For the food company, products quality and freshness is highly important, as it is greatly linked with customers and brand image as an end result.

    Vision: Vision reveals out company's position, which it would like to attain in the future time period. Kudler Fine Foods revised vision is to provide more emphasis on customer satisfaction and services by offering high quality foodstuffs with great variety under one roof i.e. fresh bakery products, fresh meat, dairy products, etc. (Kudler Fine Foods, 2007). Mainly, its overall vision is to turn up its net revenues, profitability and market share for outstanding growth. In addition to this, the company's vision is to flourish its national-wide business in the global market to serve a large number of customers at the global level and also promote its brand name.

    Value Statements: Value statements reflect the organizational values that will support in sustaining good relationship with stakeholders. Basically, it consists of organizational values predefined by the company in respect to their workforces and customers. The revised value statements for Kudler Fine Foods mainly emphasizes on employees fairness, product's freshness and quality. This reflects that Kudler wants to give equal and fair rights to each and every employee without any sort of discrimination. Besides that, it largely focuses on the product's freshness in concern to the customer's health. Further, in respect to the company, value statements also include employees' loyalty, equality, honesty, unity, product freshness, quality standards, friendly environment, cleanliness and courtesy (Kudler Fine Foods, 2007).

    //Above we have talked about Kudler Fine Foods vision, mission and values statements. Moving to the next part, the strategic plan is developed for the company with the inclusion of all the specific elements of the plan.//

    Implementation Plan:

    Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

    In the implementation plan, work breakdown structure (WBS) will help the management in keeping an effective control and information system in the proposed strategic plan. On the basis of the given WBS, the management of the company can easily organize and outline the scope of the new strategy. In this structure, objectives, function, tactics and actions are mentioned in the different levels such as level 1, level 2 and level 3. All the levels will greatly support in taking into account the new strategic plan activities in a sequential and logical way.

    In concern to Kudler Fine foods, first level reflects its objectives i.e. attain tremendous growth in the future through increasing its sales revenue by 20% and also have a plan to improve productivity and efficiency. In respect to this, function tactics (Level 2) state various tactics with which the company may attain its stated objectives. The last level, i.e. level 3 indicates the action plans that the company plans to carry out for attaining outgrowth. With this, it is inferred that activities covered in level 2 & 3 supports in making a successful implementation plan, according to the assigned project.

    In respect to the stated objectives, the first task is to flourish its business or market expansion. For that, it will require to approach current and prospective customers through providing quality and fresh products. In addition to this, it also plans to expand its business in the global market. For this, the approximate cost is $10,000, the time duration is 5 Weeks and resources required are a good marketing plan and application of efficient marketing techniques.

    In the same concern, second task is diversification, which is another vital activity in WBS with which the company can diversify its product department. To carry out this functional tactic, management plans to give more emphasis on the quality and freshness of the product. To accomplish this task, the estimated time and cost are $6,000 and 3 weeks respectively. The resources used in this task include the total quality management techniques in order to focus towards commitment, culture, customer focus and continuous improvement.

    Further, in the same concern, cost leadership is another major functional tactic with which Kudler Fine foods can easily attain good growth. For this task, the company should focus on production productivity as well as try to minimize the unnecessary expenses in order to dilute the total production costs. With these tactics, Kudler can offer its upscale specialty products at reasonable prices to the middle class people. To keep its cost under control, the management should apply the cost control techniques such as minimum wastage, efficient utilization of resources, etc. Additionally, the company should hire highly qualified financial management team to control its daily expenses. The deadline set for completing this task is 3 weeks. For this, the allocated resources mainly include the application of cost control techniques.

    Product differentiation is the last functional tactics that support in making the product different from other existing competitors. To effectively carry out this task, Kudler Fine Foods should build up its product image and also add products. For this task, the estimated cost and time are $25000 and 5 weeks. To complete this task effectively, management should allocate resources like highly talented marketing executives and trained coordinators. All the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 4539 words with references.