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Traditional vs. IT Strategic CIO Role

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1.How does the traditional role of a CIO differ from the IT strategic role of a CIO? What is the focus of the strategic CIO? Why is the role of strategic CIO emerging?

2.How can an organization leverage IT to enable a step change in what the business is able to accomplish for its customers?

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1) The traditional role of the Chief Information Officer was to be responsible for information technology and computer systems that support the organization. Their traditional role was to support day-to-day cost centered IT assets, and supervising the technical staff that keep the system working. This traditional role has changed and the Chief Information Officer has become important to business as information technology has become a crucial part of business. The strategic goal of the Chief Information Officer is that he is required to suggest information technology that the firm will need to achieve its goals and then work within its budget to implement the plan. The Chief Information Officer analyses the business process, and identifies areas where new information technology tools may be used. He continuously upgrades the ...

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