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strategic planning process

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A study done in 1999 determined that less than 40% of US Businesses including the CIO/Senior IT Manager in the strategic planning process. What reasons can you suggest for the exclusion of IT senior management from the strategic planning process? What reasons can you offer for their inclusion?

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Reasons are noted for the exclusion of IT senior management from the strategic planning process.

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Former CIO of the FBI comments on shifting role of the CIO
Darwin John comments on the executive's changing role.

The changes roiling the world of enterprise IT have made the job of chief information officer too big for one person to handle, says Darwin John, the former CIO of the FBI.

John says that the tasks handled by the CIO have broadened so deeply and now cross so many disciplines that the CIO has become more of a quarterback of the "Office of the CIO" than an executive equipped to make decisions in a vacuum. "I believe that the need has been there for a while," John says. "One piece of evidence is the short tenure of CIOs. The reason that the tenures are short is that it's an impossible assignment."

John is not alone in this belief. Faisal Hoque, the chairman and CEO of Enamics, a software and management consulting firm aimed at CIOs, also thinks that a fundamental shift has occurred. "Because of the complexity and often the global impact of IT, the CIO has to parse more day-to-day specialized responsibilities and decisions to others within his domain." Hoque also is the founder and chairman ...

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