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Collaboration in an Organization's Strategic Planning Process

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Explain the role of collaboration, cooperation, and coordination in an organization's strategic planning process. Also how would stakeholders of an organization might create a unified meaning for ideas, goals, and/or missions? Please include references.

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Collaboration has a role of providing the means by which organizational planners work with individuals within other departments or areas within the organization, in developing a strategic plan for the organization. These individuals all collaborate by sharing ideas as to the best methods by which to develop a strategic plan that has the greatest probability of helping the organization to achieve its desired outcomes. This collaboration could also include working with outside individuals and/or organizations, in order to assist in the ...

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Effective organizations and strategic planning processes

Please see the attachments (scenario & grid). I need help in understanding the processes. I have the following questions below.

1. In terms of strategic planning, what kinds of processes should be implemented to make training programs more relevant to current job market/employer needs? Who should be involved & how? What kind of process timeline is needed to ensure key decision makers are involved early on for the purposes of budgeting and staff buy-in?

2. Who are the key stakeholders impacted in this scenario? Using the attached power versus interest grid, how does one influence the other?

3. In terms of internal and external threats, where should the planning committee place its focus in devising an effective strategic plan?

4. What are the strategic issues? What are the operational issues? How are they different from each other?

5. What recommendations are necessary in making sure funds are used wisely? Where can funds be obtained from?

6. Why do you believe the above suggestions must be taken into consideration for the good of the organization? How would you conduct an effective evaluation of the new plan?

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