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    Information Technology (IT) Management

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    Question 1

    What are some of the current challenges in IT management?Also, discuss briefly the challenges of centralized vs. decentralized IT organizations.

    Question 2

    What is the role of Information Technology in organizations and businesses?How do IT managers interact with others in the organization?How can IT managers communicate technical information to non-technical managers?

    Question 3

    How would you describe the responsibilities of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO)?How are they similar? How are they different?Discuss how both CIO and CKO exist together in the organization.

    Question 4

    IT manager's job purpose is to "Maintains information technology strategies by managing staff; researching and implementing technological strategic solutions." Review IT manager job description on the web and discuss the following.What are the main skills of an IT manager?What training (formal and informal) is available for these skills?

    Question 5

    identify and briefly discuss two important concepts applicable to your professional discipline.

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    Question 1
    According to Saunders, et. al. in the Jan/Feb 2002 issue of the IveyBusinessJournal, the following are some of the recent challenges faced by IT management:
    • Managing cash flow so it doesn't limit the firm into a specific business process.
    • Fostering an open work environment and employee buy-in.
    • Selection of strategic alliances and partners.
    • Finding the right employees and allowing them to telecommute when you find them.
    • How to protect company information when employees with critical knowledge leave.
    • The privacy and security of data gathered on the internet and e-commerce.
    • The need of a CEO who is a visionary and can communicate it well.
    Among the challenges of centralized IT organizations (Busch, 2014):
    • It can be bureaucratic and costly.
    • The more complex organizations are, the easier to lose direction.
    • Business focus can be lost because it will be harder to understand everyone's needs.
    Some challenges of the decentralized IT organizations (Korzeniowski):
    • It may be temporary as some factors may bring IT back to centralization.
    • It increases data processing costs and maintenance more difficult than centralization.
    • It is considered as more inefficient than centralization.

    Question 2
    The main role of IT in organizations is to be the information storage and analysis. The IT department has provided the company with technology through sophisticated and comprehensive databases that contain all information about the company and the department uses them to analyze information to be utilized to pinpoint solutions. Since IT managers have the information needed and can provide solutions to the problems of the company, they have to assist in making decisions. The IT manager should be supportive of every department that needs their assistance. Information systems help control employee processes resulting in more efficiency. IT managers through their information systems can help improve project planning and implementation is easier through effective ...

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    * IT manager: required skills, training (formal and informal)
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