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    Technology and Facilities Management

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    Technology and Facilities Management

    Analyze the role of technology in facilities management.
    Identify and describe at least three real-world examples of how technology is used to improve facilities management.

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    The role of technology in facilities management:
    ? Technology has greatly altered the way facilitates management has operated in practice and it has greatly improved the organizations with its positive innovation. Information is the most important resource of the facilities manager and without up-to-date and accurate information, it will be difficult for the managers to direct the organization to function properly and effectively.
    ? Facility managers will guard corporate data by updating and maintaining the multimedia and graphic information databases. Technology will assist the manager by providing means of support in the establishment of links to the external databases and the facility staff will have to maintain the systems so that the organization and the consultants can access.
    ? Information technology must be integrated in the organizational culture to create an impact on the strategic plans of the organization and create a positive effect on the bottom line.
    ? Technology provides opportunities for facility management to find ways to build relationships and create strategies to maximize the use of information technology.
    ? The use of technology together with a proven method for a proactive approach to facilities management ensures business continuity and success, promotes a consistent image for the company and improves returns on facility investments.
    ? Technology can plan and forecast future repairs and investments. When the organization has not maintained their buildings and associated systems periodically and the systems outdate or the equipments reach the end of their useful life, business interruptions occur which lead to halt operations temporarily and affect the functions and image of the organization. Technology can help reduce the risk of disruptions and preserve the buildings according to its desired quality.
    ? When the buildings of an organization proves that it reflects the identity and supports the mission of the organization through the assurance of branding and quality standards, management develops a good image and identity with the public and gains confidence in interacting with them.
    ? Technology can help save on costs by being able to examine ...

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