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Facility management performance and insurance cost relationship

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Describe the relationship between facilities management performance and insurance cost, at top rated restaurant, at a beach resort hotel.

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The expert describes the relationship between facilities management performance and insurance cost, at top rated restaurants, and at a beach resort hotel.

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Facility management is a multifaceted occupational field whose focus is primarily upon the maintenance and care of commercial or institutional buildings. These duties are often thought of as support services because they are not the primary business of the company. The duties associated with facilities management could include maintaining the air conditioning system, the plumbing, the facility lighting, the facility power grid, building cleaning, façade reconditioning (painting), grounds keeping and landscaping and complete security. The main role of the facility management team is to ensure a safe and continual maintenance and operations of the systems in order to preserve the total asset value of the facility on a long-term basis. In addition, it is commonly the responsibility of the facility management team to coordinate the janitorial functions of the facility to ensure the ...

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