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critical components of facilities management

Defining Facilities Management

Describe critical components of facilities management.
Analyze the role of facilities management in a hospitality organization.
Cite at least 2 peer-reviewed journal articles.

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Describe the critical components of facilities management.
Facility management is taking care of the assets of the organization, e.g., building, estates, which refers to both the physical product and services. The services can be classified into hard and soft services. An example of hard service is taking care of an equipment while soft services can be janitorial, security, custodial, reception, etc. Sometimes facility management is also called property management especially when talking about commercial properties of which its complexity is maintained by a computer system. Facility management ensures functionality of the environment through the management of people, place, technology and processes. (IFMA)
According to Atkin & Brooks, the following are key elements/components/issues in facilities management:
1. Facilities management is a strategy and it must be undertaken using appropriate techniques and tools, and by following through these three stages - analysis, solution and implementation. These are essential in producing an effective strategy for the management and maintenance of facilities.
2. Upon completion, the facilities management strategy should continue to become an essential part of the strategic and operating plans of the organization and should incorporate the business processes, financial objectives, goals, technical issues, etc.
3. The organization must give importance to facilities management and must treat it as a starting point of its accommodating strategy.
4. Decision making is based on the concept that change is a constant feature in the workplace and a requirement for ...

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