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    Manufacturing Division Workforce

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    The manufacturing division's workforce has been working overtime and is still unable to meet deadlines. After production runs, there is an overage of some parts which now have to be stocked and a shortage of other parts. How can the workflow be streamlined for Going? Use problem identification and decision making tools as appropriate. Be sure to focus on production planning, capacity, and inventory management. Include an explanation and a suggested process improvement for each problem, along with diagram or mapping as needed.

    - Discuss issues in manufacturing and service design.
    - Determine the appropriate mode of operations (e.g. JIT, lean operations, traditional operations) for a given situation.
    - Determine appropriate inventory management approaches for given situations.
    - Apply critical thinking skills to analyze business situations.

    Please find attached file and review Going's manufacturing division.

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    Issues in manufacturing and service design:

    The basic features and differences between manufacturing and service design are as following:
    In manufacturing firms the in aggregate planning/ design all components have defined and systemic pattern and easy to be programmed. All processes can be made automatic or semi automatic and machines can be used and most processes are predictable. Whereas service firms are more people oriented and dependent on quality of people and it is very difficult to make them uniform and programmable. Further because all services have strong interface with customers and every customer has to be tackled in a unique way therefore difficult to program. Further in service because of its very nature there are fast changes and less predictable.

    The issues in manufacturing in Going, inc. are:
    1. How it increases its capacity- a) It has to see where there are bottlenecks which are limiting capacity and remove them. The areas are 1) Inventory stock out discussed below- 2) Underutilization of space - improving layout 3) Underutilization of facilities, manpower, utilities available 4) Establish a team to study and suggest alternate sequence of operations, simultaneous handling of various assembly line work and simultaneous work at various sub-assemblies ,the objective is to reduce time, better grouping and balancing of the various assembly line activities using PERT and Line Balancing Heurists 5)Improving material handling for faster handling of components, parts, sub-assemblies- some of the processes which can be standardized can be handled by robots 6) ...

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    The solution discusses issues in manufacturing design, the mode of operations as well as inventory management approaches.