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Food Manufacturing Company Project Proposal: Reily Foods

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Identify a company in the food manufacturing industry and address the following for a project proposal:
1. Type of organization (e.g., manufacturing; do not include the actual name)
2. Primary nature of the work performed
3. Size (revenue and number of employees)
4. Location (where the organization typically conducts business)
5. Your connection to the organization
6. How you will obtain your information
7. How you will verify the match between the HR activities and organizational strategies
8. Use of the CBK (Common Body of Knowledge) areas

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For food manufacturing in the United States you can use companies such as Lipton or Sara Lee. I've loosely based my answers on Reily Foods Company / Luzianne Iced tea.

Primary nature of the work performed
This organization manufactures tea and coffee beverages for mass distribution to national big box retailers inside of the United States along with Mexico and Canada. The operation is a lean manufacturing operation from batch to blend to processing and packaging all in one facility located in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Size (revenue and number of employees
The company is a diverse company. It has placed its beverage division headquarters in New Orleans. It also has a manufacturing plant in Knoxville Tn. The total estimated revenues from the tea and coffee (beverage) lines for this company is estimated to be $130 million dollars per year, primarily driven off its highly ...

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The expert examines a food manufacturing company project proposal. The connections to the organization are determined.

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