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SWOT Analysis and SWOT Matrix

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Research and prepare an analysis of the External Environment.
Complete a SWOT Analysis and SWOT Matrix for Goya Foods.

Assume that you have been hired as VP of Strategic marketing for (Goya Foods). You have been asked to develop the new strategic marketing direction and the plan of implementation covering all 4 P's of marketing.

- Market Information, Competitive Advantages and Strategic Focus

--Based on research of the internal and external environment, determine a strategic new direction
---> Provide a Situational Analysis of the current Internal and Customer Environments
---> Research and prepare an analysis of the External Environment
---> Complete SWOT Analysis and SWOT Matrix
---> Analysis of Market Information, SWOT Analysis, Identification of Competitive Advantages, Selection of Strategic Focus
---> Develop at least 3 Competitive Advantages based on SWOT analysis
---> Develop a Strategic Focus from the most sustainable competitive advantages.

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SWOT analysis and SWOT matrix are examined for external environments.

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Goya Foods is a large Hispanic owned company that provides food products to the Hispanic and non-Hispanic populations. Recently, the company has completed expansions for manufacturing and distribution. Goya has facilities in the United States, Spain, and Puerto Rico along with the Dominican Republic, giving it access to foods and populations throughout the U.S., Central and South America. As the largest Hispanic owned company in the United States, the company realizes it must find new strategic focuses and has begun the work to make the plan and implementation a reality. First among the ideas is to make educating the public on the differences in foods from different Hispanic cultures and to provide those foods. Focus on the individuality of foods served in difference regions, while maintaining the overall Hispanic flavor they are known for, is one marketing step. The second also includes the company's competitive edge, focusing wholly on foods of the Hispanic people.

Provide a Situational Analysis of the Current Internal and Customer Environments

Goya Foods, started in New York, caters and provides foods for those of Hispanic heritage. The company serves populations in South America, Central America, Mexico, the United States, and the Caribbean. The Latin foods they offer are good quality and made with fresh ingredients. They continue to hold to their motto of, 'If its Goya, it has to be good.'

The company offers more than 1,500 products from condiments to pantry items to beverages and frozen food. (www.goya.com/English/about.html) These products originate from all the above listed areas of the Latin American regions. It continues to add new products and recently has undergone expansion to create the most extensive facilities for manufacturing and packaging in its history. The company attempts to fulfill the tastes of a variety of Hispanics and also to promote growth in those areas. Manufacturing facilities and distribution centers are not found only in the United States, but also in Spain, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic.

The company operates and provides food under the Goya and Canilla brand names. The Unanues own and operate the ...

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