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SWOT Analysis on USA Today

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SWOT Analysis Assignment

To determine the internal and external factors that must be considered in the development of a marketing strategy, evaluate their likely impact on the firm and generate possible competitive advantages for the development of a sound strategic and tactical direction.


- Complete a full SWOT Analysis for the Case - "USA Today" and use it to analyze and determine 3 Competitive Advantages that USA Today could build upon.
- Begin with a complete SWOT matrix grid that specifies both Internal and External factors. It is expected that you research and provide meaningful data/information as it relates to external factors.
- Analyze the SWOT, matching strengths to opportunities and provide 3 Competitive Advantages that you feel are available for the company to build upon. Support your analysis. Tell the reader why these are the best options and be sure to have facts to support it. At this point, there is no need to "solve" the case or provide further recommendations.

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SWOT Case Analysis

Ferrell, O. C. (2011), Marketing Strategy, 5th Edition. South-Western Publishing Co. (USA Today SWOT case analysis, page 501-10)

USA Today; Innovation and Evolution in Troubled Industry. http://learn.senecac.on.ca/~bwchin/Final_report.pdf.

Description attached!

Case Analysis " USA Today".

You have been hired by the company to develop the strategy that will turn this situation around.

Using your SWOT analysis as the foundation for detailed analysis, prepare the following portions of your recommendation to the firm.

Identify the key/root problem. While there may be several problems and a multitude of symptoms, identify the problem you feel is central to this case. Be sure to describe this in marketing terms and support it with specific data from the case.

Alternative Solutions. Develop two alternative solutions to the defined problem. This should not be a laundry list of actions one could take to address every symptom, but alternative actions that could correct the problem at hand.

Identify the pros and cons of implementing each alternative. Clearly articulate the advantages and disadvantage to each of your proposed solutions.

Proposed Solution to the Problem: Select one of the alternatives and explain why it would be best. Include data from your research (beyond the data in the text) that supports your choice of solutions.

Recommendations for Implementation: Identify how you propose to implement the selected solution. Include the key factors of marketing, target market, environment, or marketing mix elements (product, price, promotion, or distribution) and what the expected results (positive and negative) might be.

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