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SWOT Analysis for an Organic juice Company

The product is a health drink or organic juice made from finest herbal or organic ingredients like Aloe Vera. The juice will provide health benefits and rejuvenation to consumers that want to live a healthy lifestyle.

The company would be a U.S based manufacturer and marketer of such juice that imports its ingredients from all over the world and manufacturers the juice in USA and markets it via retail stores and online portal throughout the country.

Provide a SWOT Analysis for this company.

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SWOT analysis refers to a strategic and marketing planning method that is used by companies to evaluate their status both internally and externally. Internal factors in SWOT analysis are Strengths (S) and weaknesses (W) while external factors include Opportunities (O) and Threats (T). SWOT analysis is important because it provides information about the firm's capabilities and resources that are needed to counteract the environment in which the firm operates in.

Strategically, firms should not necessarily undertake more profitable business ventures or opportunities. They must first identify a fit between their strengths and future opportunities. This is the case because a company may need to overcome a weakness first before a new opportunity can be pursued. SWOT analysis is a ...

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