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    Whole Foods current set of strategic goals

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    I am having problems identifying Whole Foods current set of strategic goals, and a critical assessment of the competition and the competitive environment (remote and operating environments). Also, identify the opportunities and threats Whole Foods is presently facing, and they need a general idea of the company's strengths and weaknesses. For the competitive analysis, identify a minimum of three of the top competitive companies and their best-selling services or products - and justify why each is a viable competitor.

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    //Whole Food Market is the world's leading organic and natural food retailer and is continuously growing and maintains a good market position in this dynamic and competitive environment. In this context, a strategic analysis of the company is discussed where the mission, vision, values and strategic goals of the company are explained below.//


    Whole Food Market is the world's leading organic and natural food retailer founded in Austin in 1980. The company operates 362 stores in the Unites States, Canada and the United Kingdom. The founders of the company are John Mackey and Renee Lawson Hardy. It offers natural and organic products with an emphasis on perishable foods and it includes grocery, bakery, seafood, meat, coffee, tea, vitamins, body care and many lifestyle products. Whole Food Market's culture and the success of the company are driven by very strong core values which includes selling highest quality organic and natural products to the customers (Sahota, 2014).

    In this context, the report discusses the strategic analysis of the whole food market. It analyses the current strategic position of the company with the important values, mission and vision of the company. The whole food market ensures customer satisfaction and health, environmental improvement and happiness of team members. In this context, the report discusses the set of goals and objectives of the company. The report further analyses the competitive environment of the company and its competitors in the market in both remote and operating environments. Then, a SWOT analysis of the company is conducted to better understand the internal and external environment of the company. It states the strengths and weaknesses of the company within the organization and opportunities and threats external to the company. Then, the report provides recommendations about the changes in the strategies of the company to be more successful.

    Strategic Analysis of the Company

    While the current market is very dynamic and competitive, Whole Food Market is growing and maintains a good market position. They are successful in maintaining a healthy relation with customer by providing best services to them which they can't find anywhere. They follow differentiation strategy and provide value added services. It stands for best quality and organic foods, and appeals to a greater social responsibility. From the beginning, Whole Food Market emerged as a true innovator, transforming food shopping into dynamic experience. Since its came into existence, it is a leader in supplying organic and natural food and enjoyed its role as the only catering store in the niche market (Watrous, 2014). The current strategy of the company is to sell high quality natural and organic products and satisfying the customers. They distinguish from the competitors and thus hold a good market position in the market.

    Mission of Whole Food
    The mission of Whole Food Market is "Whole Foods, Whole People, and Whole Planet". The purpose of the company is to help in supporting the health and well being of the people.
    Whole Foods- the Company obtains products from uniquely dedicated food artisans and strives to offers the highest quality, most flavorful natural preserved foods and nutritious food.
    Whole People- Whole food recruits the best people and empowers them to create a respectful workplace where people are treated fairly. The customers are the lifeblood of the organization and the company goes to extraordinary lengths to serve their customers efficiently, completely and knowledgeably.
    Whole Planet- Whole Food believes that the company must assume their share of responsibility as tenants of planet Earth. On global basis, the company ...

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