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    Strategic Analysis of the Whole Foods Market

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    Identify the current set of strategic goals, and a critical assessment of the competition and the competitive environment (remote and operating environments) of the Whole Foods Market. See the opportunities and threats Whole Foods is presently facing, and they need a general idea of the company's strengths and weaknesses. Whole Foods Market and ABC Company want to know if we think they should make any strategic changes or continue with the status quo. Synthesize everything, provide a final recommendation, and justify your reasoning.

    Whole Foods Market - Annual Stakeholders Report, 2011. Retrieved on November 7, 2012 from: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/company-info/investor-relations/annual-reports.

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    The discussion of Whole Foods Market investigates the company's current strategy and analyzes its potential to succeed or fail in competing in the whole foods and organic foods industry.