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Whole Foods Market

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I need help with this portion of my assignment
1. organizational level - what does it produce and sell? What are its goals? How has it been performing?
2. group level - What are some groups that Whole Foods Market identifies, and the goals and performance of these groups.
3. individual level - identify five to seven key jobs and their outputs. How can the performance of these jobs be measured?

Why do you believe there is congruency?

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Solution Summary

This solution explains the congruence in Whole Foods outputs. The sources used are also included in the solution.

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Step 1
At the organizational level Whole Foods Market produces and sells health food, nutritious food, and organic food. It markets natural and organic food products through chain stores. Its goals are to set standards of excellence for food retailers. Its stated goals are customer satisfaction, team member happiness, and excellence, return on capital investment, improvement in the state of environment and local and large community support. Whole Foods Market has been performing well. Its net income has increased from $146 million in 2009 to $465.6 million in 2012. During the same period its sales have also increased from $3,031.6 million to $11,690 million.

Step 2
Whole Foods Market identified geographic divisions. The goals of these groups are to have high strategic and operational control. The other goals are to respond quickly to the market changes. Further, Whole Foods Market has the ...

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