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    Need some help with the below. Need references included as well.

    How does the Burke-Litwin Model help whole foods market with the issues they are facing with competition and pricing. how would they benefit from the use of this model.

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    The Burke-Litwin Model can help Whole Foods Market with the issues they are facing with competition and pricing.
    If Whole Foods Market uses the Burke-Litwin Model, it will be able to successfully overcome the problems it is facing with competition and pricing.
    The Burke-Litwin Model holds that environmental factors are most important drivers for change (1). According to the model, most change can be traced back to external drivers for change. According to the Burke-Litwin Model elements for organizational success, such as mission and strategy, organizational culture, leadership, management practices, and systems are affected by changes that originate outside the organization (2). According to the Burke-Litwin Model the organizational structure, motivation, and performance are all affected by external drivers. The Burke-Litwin Model says that external environment includes factors such as markets, legislation, competition, and the economy. All these have consequences for organizations.

    Let us apply the Burke-Litwin Model to issues that Whole Foods Market is facing. The direct and main competitors of Whole Foods Market are Sprouts and Trader Joe. However, there is a change in the external environment of Whole Foods Market. The change is in the nature ...

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