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    Evaluation and Analysis Project

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    I need some help in conducting an analysis and evaluation of an organization of your choice.

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    The organization selected for analysis and evaluation is Whole Foods Market.
    The company is a supermarket chain that sells natural and organic foods. The company commenced business on September 20, 1980 and is headquartered at Austin, Texas. The Founder of the company is John Mackey. The company has featured in Fortune magazine's best 100 companies to work for, the CEO John Mackey was named to the Barron's list of the world's best CEOs, and the Environmental Protection Agency has awarded Whole Foods its honor of the Green Power Partner of the Year 2006. The evaluation is that it is a well managed company that is sustainable.

    The financial situation of the company is satisfactory. The net income of Whole Foods Market has increased from $146.8 million in 2009 to $551.0 in 2013. The total revenue of the Whole Foods Market has also increased from $8.0 billion to $12.9 billion during the same period. The financial condition of Whole Foods Market is stable. Its current ratio is 1.78, its quick ratio is 1.07 and its debt/equity ratio is 0.01. The management efficiency is also satisfactory. The company income/ employee is $ 7,181.12 whereas the industry average is $4,824.47. The asset turnover ratio is 2.46 whereas the industry ...

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