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Project Management and Development

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Need assistance on the following 4 questions. Need at least a 200 word response for each though please.

1. What are possible sources of conflict within a project team? What approach can a project manager use to keep the project on track and not be negatively impacted by such conflicts?

2. What are the different types of evaluation options for achieving project goals for both team-based and financial analysis?

3. How does each of the following impact project development: problem-driven projects, opportunity-driven projects, and mandate-driven projects?

4. What are the three core attributes/capabilities a project manager needs in order to lead a successful team? What skills does a project manager need? Explain the value of each.

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1. What are possible sources of conflict within a project team? What approach can a project manager use to keep the project on track and not be negatively impacted by such conflicts?

Possible sources of conflict within teams include project goals that are not agreed upon, disagreement of the project's priorities and conflicting work schedules. In addition, there is also conflict when employees are working for various managers and communication is limited as a result of a lack of competent information flow. Employees that face difficult and complex reporting relationships due to a variety of project managers are more susceptible to experience further conflict opportunities. Different team members could also collide over personality traits that cause interpersonal issues between team members especially if the project team is comprised of high technology employees that rely upon cross-functional, self-directed teams with technical backgrounds because they rely upon others to achieve their objectives and meet project deadlines. Strategies that project managers can use to keep the project on track include holding more frequent meetings and status review sessions, which fosters efficient communication between team members while also reducing common misperceptions that are held by members regarding the project goals and priorities. The project manager should also provide team members with soft skills training in human relations, which is effective for fostering an environment that is predicated upon collaboration. The project manager should always ...

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