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    Statement of Work

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    Develop a statement of work for a Software Development Project. Use the format 1) background 2) Tasks (3) objectives (4) approach (5) input source

    Then create a WBS for the above project. What are the key steps, including work packages tasks and any related sub tasks for the project.

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    Statement of Work
    Statement of work gives all the information related to the scope of work and overall time required in order to complete the work. It is necessary for the companies, to develop statements of work before starting any project. In case of Software Development Project, project manager has to define all the required resources and technologies in the statement of work. Moreover, they should also define the overall time required in completing the overall project. In the statement of Software Development Project, manager defines expectations, deliverables, what's acceptable, prices and pricing schedule (Construx, 2013). In statement of work, the project manager will include five factors such as background, tasks, objectives, approach and input source. Following is the statement of work for the Software Development Project:
    Background: Project manager is focused towards making the Software Development Project such as Price-list Management. In this project, companies can be able to make the price list of its products and services in the effective manner. In its project, it has defined the price, required resources, different phases of project development and parties involved in completing the project.
    Tasks: In Software Development Project, project managers have to adopt different technologies in order to provide the easiest way to keep the records of prices of product and services. Apart from this, it is the task for all the project members to make optimum utilization of ...

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