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Statement of Work in Project Management

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Project title: Trump/Lopez Wedding

The purpose of this project is: To plan an elegant wedding for Donald Trump and Sandra Lopez, including invitation selection, cake, organization during wedding, location of reception and food, photos, music, and honeymoon.

It will cost: $1 million
It will be completed by: September 26, 2011-(wedding date July 20, 2011)

Project scope: - assignment 350 words

A Statement of Work (SOW) should be developed to define what is and what is not included in the project.

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The details of this project were pretty scarce, so I made some assumptions, however, I was not able to complete any breakdown of costs for you since none were listed. If you need a break down of costs, you can make them up. Based on your assignment, you may feel it is appropriate to delete these pricing sections.

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In true project management, the scope of the project is different from the statement of work. Typically the scope is defined in the project charter and the statement of work is developed after the project charter has been created and approved. So I followed the same approach. I created a project charter and then transferred some of that information to the statement of work.

The objective of the project is to help the couple plan for an elegant wedding including preparing the budget, vision and theme determination, creation of checklists and timelines, selection, negotiation with, and booking of vendors, design of invitation and other stationery items, compiling of guest lists, mailing invitation and tracking, ceremony and reception preparation, direction and completion of necessary contracts, forms, and tests, on-site direction of rehearsal, ceremony and reception, and final payment and wrap-up with vendors.