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    Liberty Airlines IT Ticketing System: Project Plan

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    See attached file. Only part 5 and 6 are required.

    5. Project (Plan) Organization: This section must identify project team members, define their functions, responsibilities, qualifications, and capabilities and explain where each team member fits into the organizational structure. Project organization must also include each member's reporting relationship. The individual supervising the project manager must be a manager in a position to resolve resource allocation issues. Include a project organization chart to illustrate all of the above relationships.

    6.  Task or Responsibility Matrix: A task or responsibility matrix is a chart that lists Statement of Work (SOW) tasks on the left and key project team members on the top of the chart. Each person is identified as having responsibility for completing one or more tasks. Only one person may be responsible for each task to preserve accountability. Others may be identified as providing either support or approval of decisions made.

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    Statement of Work

    for the

    Liberty Airlines, Inc.
    IT Ticketing System

    Table of Contents

    1. Background 1
    2. Objectives 1
    3. Scope 1
    3.1 Inclusions 1
    3. 2 Exclusions 1
    4. Work Approach 1
    5. Key Project Deliverables 1
    6. Staffing, roles & Responsibilities 1
    6.1 Staffing 1
    6. 2 Roles & Responsibilities Matrix 1
    7. Management Approach 3
    7.1 Deliverable Acceptance Management 3
    7.2 Risk Management 3
    7.3 Change Management 3
    7.4 Issues & Problem Management 3
    8. Progress Reporting and Communications 3
    9. Project Plan 3
    10. Appendix 3
    10.1 Initial Risk Management Report 3
    10.2 Forms and templates 3
    10.3 Other related and relevant documents 3

    1. Background

    This section describes the relevant history of the project, business drivers for the IT ticketing system for Liberty Airlines, Inc. or the opportunity being addresses, and the project's relationship with other projects of the organization.

    2. Objectives
    State what the project aims to achieve. In other words, list the final outcome that will address the problems or business opportunities identified in the Background.

    3. Scope
    3.1 Inclusions
    This is where the project manager provides specific details to ensure a complete and unambiguous understanding of the boundaries of the project. These boundaries are within which the project will be developed, delivered and deployed.

    3. 2 Exclusions
    This clarifies the inclusions by explicitly stating what are out of scope.

    4. Work Approach
    This section describes how the work is to be performed.

    5. Key Project Deliverables
    This is the list of all major project deliverables which correspond with the major project activities described above.

    6. Staffing, roles & Responsibilities
    6.1 Staffing
    The purpose of this section is to distinguish among the roles interacting within ...

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