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MS Project Online Sales Management System

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I started the mpp file (attached) and it needs tidying a lot and many elements need adding
Timeline, budget creating and adding, and all the elements numbered below
also required is a project organization chart in MS visio

the report should include a doc file with a paragraph for each numbered section.
Plus highlighted needs and objectives, project definition, WBS, scheduling and estimation, cost and risk analysis, background and statement of need

Doc file for the project overview is also attached with the mpp

1/ Project start and finish
2/ create a Budget and budget plan
3/ Establish plan needs
4/ Background and statement of need
5/ Project objectives
6/ Mission and goal of project
7/ Project plan/approach
8/ Project plan (organization)
9/ Task responsibility matrix chart listing statement of work (SOW)
10/ Work breakdown structure (WBS)
11/ Task flow network critical path (use second level WBS elements)
12/ Project schedule
13/ Project reporting
14/ Cost plan
15/ Project baseline
16/ Performance measurement
17/ Project evaluation and reporting
18/ Project termination

Also include a project organization chart using Microsoft visio

The report should be presented in Microsoft project and word, and also include the visio chart, and the idea is to demonstrate command of a project and the benefits it can bring.

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This posting provides a detailed project plan in MS Projects for developing an online Sales Management Systems.

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