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    The Project Life Cycle

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    Can you assist me with getting started on the following:

    Research and find an article related to the project life-cycle used in project management. Perform an online search, and locate an online article.

    Read the article and think about how the life-cycle phases discussed in the article relate to the information project life-cycle used in project management. Using a word processor like MS Word, write a one-page summary report detailing the contents of the article, comparing the information to that which is included in the text. A good summary can usually be accomplished in three or four paragraphs of two or three sentences each. Ensure that a citation is provided including the web site, author, and other reference information in your report.

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    Kindly find below a tutorial having some ideas, references and content related to Project Life-Cycle. This response should be useful for you to develop better understanding with regard to the given topics. Kindly use this work for your reference only and please do not use this content in your assignment or homework.

    Project Life Cycle used in Project Management

    The article defines the activities across the ERP project life cycle. It determines that in the project life cycle, it is quite problematic for the project managers to determine the key activities and associated players with each activity in the enterprise system implementation. This article defines the process through which the ERP system goes ...

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