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    Project management life cycle - joint meeting

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    After presenting the CEO with your strategy based on a successful joint meeting held with the executive director of research and development and the executive director of sales, the CEO has informed you that in fact she wants you to develop this plan according to the phases of the project management life cycle: starting, planning, executing, and providing closure for a project.
    - In your opinion, what are the limitations of the project management life cycle theory?
    - How would you improve the project management plans of two other project managers if you were the project manager of their respective projects? Be supportive and constructive.

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    // Project Management Life Cycle Theory involves a sequence of activities that are to be followed at a particular point of time to produce quantifiable and qualifiable results. It is basically a process through which a project is introduced, planned, controlled and measured to accomplish the common organizational goal. Despite numerous advantages of the theory, there are some limitations associated with it. The following section discusses some major limitations associated with the project management life cycle theory.//


    Project management life cycle identifies the basic requirements of project management for all the projects that are implemented to reach the common organizational objective. This theory is applicable not only to the new projects that are to be implemented but also to the maintenance of projects that have already been implemented into the organization. Project management life cycle theory is a summation of all the activities involved in project management along with the outcomes that are to be managed effectively (Verzuh, 2011).. Despite all these advantages, there are certain limitations associated with this theory, which are:

    Project Management Life Cycle theory enforces deadlines on the resources according to the time limit decided ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 757 words with references.