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    Life cycle of a project

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    Detail all the written documentation, reports and communications methods used during the life cycle of a project.

    What are some elements of a successful project kickoff meeting?
    What are some elements of a successful project communications plan?
    Detail how a wide variety of project management documents are created and employed.
    Detail the advantages, disadvantages and best practices for a wide variety of communications methods.
    Elaborate on communications with the project sponsor.
    What are some guidelines for effective communication during the closeout phase?

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    Life Cycle of a Project

    Project Kickoff Meeting
    A project kickoff meeting can be defined as the starting implementation face of project. This meeting provides an opportunity to the project manager to share the project plan with the team members and allocate their roles and responsibilities (Sisco, 2002). In this meeting the manager creates guidelines and set expectations to complete the project objectives on time and utilize the available resources such as finance, human resources, etc. in an effective manner (Project Communication, 2008). A successful project kickoff meeting should have the following elements:
     Firstly, the project manager should develop the goals and objectives of the project to explain the team members (Horine, 2005).
     Evaluation of the skills and qualifications of the employee to create a team to achieve the objectives of the project and delegate the responsibilities to them (Phillips, 2003).
     Another important element of kickoff meeting is to create a list of assumptions for the projects (Sisco, 2002).
     In order to save the time and define the budget for the project, another successful element of kickoff meeting is to create an introduction project plan (Project Communication, 2008).
     In order to conduct the successful meeting it is also essential to schedule the kickoff meeting and communicate about the meeting with the help of effective means of communications (Phillips, 2003).
     It is also necessary to send all the important material, data and information discussed in kickoff meeting to the members and participants, so that they can always keep in mind about the targets of the projects (Sisco, 2002).
     Another successful element of the kickoff meeting is the identification of the various issues and problems to accomplish the project goals and evaluate the project dependencies on various environmental and social factors (Drinkwater, 2010).
    Project Communications Plan
    A project communication plan is the written approach which is used to provide right information to right project stakeholders at the right time. Each stakeholder whether internally or externally of a project has different necessities for information as they all take part in the project in diverse ways (Horine, 2005). In order to make an effective communication plan to transfer the important information on time, there are some successful elements, which are as follow:
     Audience: In this element of the communication plan, the firm needs to identify the audience, it needs to target for its particular market segments. The identification of audience will facilitate the firm in deciding the communication means with target audience (Project Communication, 2008). In the project the audience would be the team members, customers, supervisors, etc. according to the needs of communication.
     Frequency: The frequency is the quantity of time per week, month or year that the communication will be issued for various members of the firm. The project manager needs to determine the frequency of communication that may include decisions regarding the team and project meetings (Phillips, 2003).
     Location: The element of location in a communication plan is significant, as it delineates the process through which, information will be communicated. The ...

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