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    A Project Life Cycle

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    Describe the "typical" life cycle of most projects. Discuss the different phases of the life cycle. What factors contribute to a projects life cycle not being "typical"?

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    Typical projects have four fundamental phases namely: concept, development, execution and transfer. Each phase of a project's life cycle is characterized by different activities. The following are the four basic phases of a typical project life cycle:

    (1) Phase 1 (Concept) - this is the phase during which data pertaining to the project is gathered, needs are identified and project goals are formulated. It is also during this phase of the project when issues such as practicality, risks and alternatives are assessed. Additionally, the economic aspects of the project are examined during the concept phase of the ...

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    This solution discusses the four fundamental phases of typical projects. The solution also highlights the core activities that characterize each phase of a project's life cycle. Lastly, the solution highlights some of the factors that contribute to a projects life cycle not being "typical".